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Speaking to the Younger Me



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If I could speak to the younger me, I would tell her to make sure every choice she makes is one that she wants to make, one that makes her happy. To consider others but not to the point where all the choices she makes in life are wrapped up in what others think and need. To enjoy her youth, to be easy on herself, to allow herself room to make mistakes and live. Live life freely. To breathe. Breathe in and out, breathe and live in every moment and not think so much about what has passed and what is to come. To relax, chill out and know it will all work out.

When Love comes dive and when it leaves, let it go. Learn to let go of circumstances, things and people not wanting to be held on to. Dream as you do, keep that focus and passion. Believe in and love yourself more than anyone else and don’t waste time convincing those who can’t see you for who you really are and or love you as you need, deserve and want. You will be mistreated, neglected , taken advantage of but don’t let those moments and people define you. In your brokenness, you will become whole, fully whole in God. Understand seasons and time, time and seasons and act accordingly, not prematurely, not delayed but in the right time, in the right season.

originally written October 28, 2017

By Cynthia Lincke

I'm WOMAN: christian, wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, educator, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, aspired entrepreneur philanthropist, I have the unique task of looking through various lenses, affording me numerous experiences, through these various positions.

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