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The Riveras

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From This Moment On / You’re Still the One, a Shania Twain’s Medley by Caleb and Kelsey was the song that Andrew and Evelyn danced to on their wedding day. …

From the moment Andrew saw Evelyn he was attracted to her …..and though Evelyn’s attraction was one that grew over time, the more she got to know him. It seems clear that they are both today saying, You are still the one…. the one that I choose to be by my side, the one I choose to protect, the one I choose to serve, the one I choose to produce another life with… The one I choose to raise a child with…… The one I choose to be Thankful with…

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Mr. & Mrs. Glover

Chris & Pam

Ten Years Later: A Continuous Ministry of Love

“..the Creator ‘made them male and female’…”

– Matthew 19:4:NIV

NOW: 10 YEARS LATER – 10/16/2020
Est. 10/16/2010

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

– Philippians 1:6:NIV

Ten years later… a whole decade of loving one another and loving others through ministry. A commitment to forever. Forever loving each other. Forever loving God and His people.

Chris & Pam selected the song, This Is For The Lover In You for their marriage song. The lyrics of this song are so fitting for this couple, not only in their marriage but with their relationships with others and in ministry. Take for instance, these lines:

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More Than Jungle Fever…

Love Surviving & Thriving in the Midst of Hate

Love DOES see color BUT Love ALSO embraces color….

There has always been the side eye by some, both men and women, both black and white. There would be whispers of:

he is with her because…

she is with him because…

…Remarks that are not even worth repeating… Neither of us understood, nor do we understand now, why some thought we both betrayed “our people” because we fell in love and choose to love each other.

faith Feature Marriage

Mr. & Mrs. Gray

A Twenty-four Year Marriage Journey

“What God has joined together, let no one separate”

Matthew 19:6

Then: September 21, 1996 -Myreon and Kenya

You Changed My Life is Myreon and Kenya’s wedding song. Isn’t that exactly what happens when we allow another person in our lives? Particularly when we allow ourselves to love that person and in return that person loves us back.

Myreon and Kenya celebrated their 24-year wedding anniversary on September 21, 2020. They have been boyfriend and girlfriend for 30 years, which they celebrated at the beginning of this month: September 1, 2020. September is undoubtedly their personal love month.



It is not always easy to have faith but faith is always easy to have. What do I mean by this? I may see a situation being impossible to face and or to overcome and though I know what faith is sometimes I believe in the concept of faith more than faith itself. Sometimes it is hard to hold on to that faith, especially in a tough situation.

However, faith is always easy to have because it is always available, if we just believe. It makes itself constantly present. Faith seeks us out. It knocks at our doors and windows, saying “I am hear, let me in.”


The Race in Life, Supporting Others, Knowing Your Purpose, Surrounded by God…

Have you ever had so much going on in your mind where you just wanted to get it out in the best way possible? We live in a world, a world that we must share with others. Unless we have withdrawn ourselves from the entire world, we must come in contact with people.

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Sitting Pretty in Un-Pretty, Ugly, Uncomfortable Places

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As I look at this picture, I think of the chair, how almost raggedy, unbecoming and out of place it looks, compared to me and my attire. My smile is radiant, I am sitting upright; confident, my hair is well done, my dress hugs me well and shimmers for the season and my shoes and accessories compliment. I think to myself, why didn’t I find a better chair to sit in?

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Stand Still Moments

Currently in one of my stand still moments and God is reminding me of how much I’ve accomplished, how many things I’ve ticked off the list of things to do…. and that it’s time for me to just be in His presence.

Have you ever had a time in life where you felt you were not moving at the speed you intended?…..Remember, in your stand still moments God is remolding you. He is removing all the worn out edges and replacing them with new… He is refilling your fuel, that you have so willingly given out. He is forcing you to take time to seek Him, to spend time with Him away from all your busyness.