The Race in Life, Supporting Others, Knowing Your Purpose, Surrounded by God…

A Few Thoughts…

Have you ever had so much going on in your mind where you just wanted to get it out in the best way possible? We live in a world, a world that we must share with others. Unless we have withdrawn ourselves from the entire world, we must come in contact with people.

Realizing the real meaning of the Race in Life is something very critical. It will eliminate unnecessary competition with other people. When we really understand that the Race in Life isn’t about winning but about making it to the finish line.

How we make it to the finish line is important as well. Not prematurely, not delayed. Realizing that there are hurdles we will need to jump over and obstacle courses that we must complete. Be it  swimming across an ocean, if unable to swim, taking the long way around or making an object to help us get across quicker.

How do we support others without us getting in the way? Where our own wants and desires blinds us from seeing the desires of others. Where out of fear of others getting ahead of us, we think only of ourselves.

If only… if only we all knew our purpose. Understood we each have a set purpose. Then we would easily help others reach their goal, without fear that we would not reach ours.

I’ve began listening to a song by Micheal W. Smith called “Surrounded.” It reminded me that we must remember that in times when we think we are surrounded by trouble that’s when we should realize that we are surrounded by God. That’s how we should fight our battles, knowing that God surrounds us.

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The Race in Life, Supporting Others, Knowing Your Purpose, Surrounded by God…

By Cynthia Lincke

I'm WOMAN: christian, wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, educator, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, aspired entrepreneur philanthropist, I have the unique task of looking through various lenses, affording me numerous experiences, through these various positions.

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