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Sitting Pretty in Un-Pretty, Ugly, Uncomfortable Places

Sit Pretty.

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As I look at this picture, I think of the chair, how almost raggedy, unbecoming and out of place it looks, compared to me and my attire. My smile is radiant, I am sitting upright; confident, my hair is well done, my dress hugs me well and shimmers for the season and my shoes and accessories compliment. I think to myself, why didn’t I find a better chair to sit in?

Then it dawned on me, so are some of our circumstances, things we do not want to reach us, let alone, us willingly and purposely sitting in it. However, sometimes we must sit pretty in un-pretty, downright ugly and uncomfortable places. Don’t let your circumstances outshine you, better yet, the Lord GOD in you. Phil:4:8, Matthew: 6:25-34 . If you believe in yourself but more so if you believe in God, there is nothing to worry about.

originally written January 23, 2018 on social media..

By Cynthia Lincke

I'm WOMAN: christian, wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, educator, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, aspired entrepreneur philanthropist, I have the unique task of looking through various lenses, affording me numerous experiences, through these various positions.

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