The Ups, The Downs….and all The In-Betweens

us green dressWho ever said marriage was a fairy tale lied! It is far from it. Now don’t get me wrong… Marriage is beautiful, it is euphoric at times, like a perfect spring day. Ready to give to you all its perfection. At other times, it is intensely difficult, like navigating your way through a foreign country of which you do not speak the language. Oh and then there are times when its neither a place of triumph or defeat but instead a place that is almost indescribable…, its dry and desolate and at the same time lush and happy… marriage is everything one hopes it will be and at times everything one hopes it would never be.

However, even with the down times and those creepy, odd in between times, it is still a place where I am happy to be. Life isn’t a fairy tale and it is utterly unreasonable to believe that marriage will make it so. That concept places so much pressure on your spouse and an incredible amount of unrealistic expectations on yourself that will never be met.

I have spent almost 15 years married to the SAME man.. yes!….. the SAME man (we live in a time where people change spouses as much as they do their underwear… well, maybe more like their outer garments… )… and my travels with him on this journey in marriage is one I will share with you. Stay tuned.

By Cynthia Lincke

I'm WOMAN: christian, wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, educator, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, aspired entrepreneur philanthropist, I have the unique task of looking through various lenses, affording me numerous experiences, through these various positions.

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