When it does right..or is it, When I do right?


I’ve fully embraced my natural hair but there are days when it is hard to maintain. Mainly because I do not practice the nightly hair routines that would help make maintenance a breeze. Oh but when I do, the results are remarkable.

Summer 2018 while in Jamaica (in picture), I was surprised how well my hair dealt with the heat. I realized that on nights when I took the time to re-twist and cover my hair with a head scarf, the next day my hair looked and felt moisturized and was easier to manage than on days when I neglected to re-twist and cover.

One would think this revelation would have motivated me to do this nightly while on the island…nope! it didn’t. If one could ever describe me as lazy it would be in this regard. To my defense, at the end of any day I’ve done so much, I am truly exhausted. While in Jamaica the level of work I do does not stop, in-fact in many instances the pressure I feel is greater. I’m there to work. I spend a whole week preparing with other members of   Princesses and Ladies Inc. ‘s team for the annual girls and women’s event. We all work tirelessly and at the end of the night we all unwind and for me unwinding does not include prepping my hair for the next day. I shower and I crash.

I do get somewhat annoyed the next day when my curls do not lay the exact way they did the day before. I often think today my hair just isn’t doing right…. but as I reflect, I wonder, is it my hair or is it me? Am I the one not doing right?

What are your nightly hair routines? Did it come easy for you to practice? How would you encourage others like myself to build and maintain a nightly hair routine?

By Cynthia Lincke

I'm WOMAN: christian, wife, mother, licensed clinical social worker, educator, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, aspired entrepreneur philanthropist, I have the unique task of looking through various lenses, affording me numerous experiences, through these various positions.

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