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Raising Women


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As we approach the new year, I encourage women as I have my daughters and will continue to teach them: To love yourself more. To let go of any man who clearly shows that he will never be who you need, want and deserve. You are smart and beautiful. Be at peace in the place you are in. Often times we seek to find something or someone, outside of where we should never have ventured. Love does not always love you back. That does not mean however, that you should settle because you are in love for the sake of love. The love that reflects yours often is right there in your reach, ready and willing to reciprocate. You’ve just been too busy reaching for the wrong one.

Girls Inspire Woman

He said I am Beautiful!

I wanted to share something I posted on social media on February 19, 2016. I think we all need a reminder:

When a woman knows her beauty is more than skin deep, she loves her reflection, walks with confidence, stands with authority, speaks boldly…. #womenconquer